The Truth About BIGBANG’s T.O.P Condition: Doctors Hold Briefing This Afternoon

There are various accounts of what really happened to Big Bang’s T.O.P and what condition he is really in. From the hospital, police and his own mother, all accounts have varied.

Due to all the conflicting reports and accounts of T.O.P’s hospitalisation, T.O.P’s physician will be holding a briefing on 7th June, 4 PM KST to let people know what state T.O.P is actually in or how he even got himself in that position. (according to YTN)

The police have openly said that T.O.P condition is not critical  and that he is just “sleeping” however T.O.P’s mother have stated that the news is false

 “T.O.P has yet to regain consciousness; please refrain from reporting that ‘he is just sleeping.’ In a situation where we don’t know what will happen, these types of reports are just painful.”

We will just have to wait till 4 PM KST to know the truth.

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