Top 13 Love Songs: 2014- 2017

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly! Whether you’ll be spending it with friends, or with that special someone, these songs will make you feel all fuzzy inside! 

In no particular order! As I couldn’t choose, to be honest!

WINNER위너: “Pricked 사랑가시”

This was the first single from Winner’s “Exit: E” album. And although it didn’t have a music video, this song ripped into the airwaves and stained itself for a long time.

The lyrics express extreme pain, and bitterness, as now this person is resentful towards their ex-significant other. I sense a toxic relationship, where they keep going around in circles; and in this case, Mino and Taehyung are asking to be let go. I always connect to this song, emotionally; and feel so much empathy.

DEAN ft. Eric Bellinger: “I’m Not Sorry”

This collaboration was amazing, and instead of dwelling on their break- ups, Dean and Eric are living life. They confirm that the nothing was their fault, and they have moved on swiftly. I loved that this music video used bold, animated lyrics, as it helped to tell the story.

I.M 아이엠 of MONSTA X 몬스타엑스, Brother Su 브라더수 ft. J.Han: “Madeleine 마들렌”

This song is so sweet, and I like the fact that the lyrics are partially English; it’s done well! These three guys are daydreaming about a girl that they’ve encountered briefly, and they can’t stop reminiscing. They’re all up in their feels! No one compares to Madeleine! This song screams out “love-at-first-sight.”

BEAST 비스트: “Ribbon 리본”

BEAST 비스트 show their regret and wish that they could undo their break-ups. The use of violins makes the song that more heart-wrenching. I also liked the imagery in the music video; the use of clocks is the metaphor of turning back time. Small objects and sentiments also make it more personal. It hurts that this song is so underrated!

JB of GOT7 갓세븐 A.K.A Def Soul: “Holic”

JB seems to be extremely thirsty! Hey, I’m just going by the lyrics.

This track (along with others) can be found on his personal Soundcloud account. This song is all about lust, temptation, and longing for that one person. It’s been written tastefully.

GOT7 갓세븐: “Prove It”

 Another one written by JB! This sounds like it’s the start of a relationship, and things are becoming official. Basically asking the girl to be their one and only; and laying their heart out, completely. Youngjae, JB and Jinyoung sound amazing! In my opinion it’s one of their best vocal performances; none of them were out-of-tune!

MONSTA X 몬스타엑스: White Love (하얀소녀)

 This song is cute and speaks about wanting a pure and perfect girl to accept their heart. They want nothing more than to be close to her, at all times. The music video allows you to get up-close and personal with MONSTA X 몬스타엑스, as the shots are in close proximity of each member. I always enjoy a MONSTA X 몬스타엑스 ballad, as their vocals talents are really shown off. We even get to hear Jooheon 주헌 sing! We see a softer side to the guys. They seem more relaxed and sentimental here.

I feel warm inside,  and all up in my feelings with this one!

DAY6 데이식스: “Letting Go 놓아 놓아 놓아”

 These lyrics make me so sad, and they’re extremely believable; due to the way the song is delivered. It speaks about a man that feels that he is holding onto a woman for too long, and the only way to make her happy is to let her go. He doesn’t want to, of course; but he feels that he isn’t good enough, and can’t do anything for her. The soft electric guitar and drum beat makes this a soothing song to listen to.

Epik High 에픽하이: “Happen Ending 헤픈엔딩”

 The typical messed up person, that causes everything to go wrong in a relationship – except they don’t understand why. They date to break up and don’t feel any emotion or sadness towards the end. The end was inevitable. I’m sure we’ve all met someone like this…


DAY 6 데이식스: “I Wait 아 왜”

Here we have Day6 pleading with a girl and asking them to make up their mind. To confess everything to them, or let them go. They state that they are waiting, for as long as it takes their love to accept them. Again, very relatable!

U-KISS 유키스: “Quit Playing 끼부리지마”

 This song is sexy and playful. And we have U-KISS warning a girl to stop teasing, or they’ll regret it. They can’t stand to see her with someone else, and her physical attributes are driving them crazy. I liked that we got to see a manly side to U-KISS.

It’s full of passion, and both the song and music video, are very lustful…

Kang Hyeon Min 강현민 Ft. Jo Hyun Ah 조현아 of URBAN ZAKAPA 어반자카파: “Such”

 This song is from one of my favourite K-Drama OSTs. “Such” is the lead song from “Cheese in the Trap.” It speaks about wanting to be with someone who is your polar opposite, and feeling stupid for having feelings towards them. The acoustics really appealed to me, and the artists’ voices work well together, to make a beautiful duet.

 Youngjae 영재 of GOT7 갓세븐 A.K.A ARS: “Trauma”

Youngjae’s vocals were really showcased in this song. I’m so proud of Youngjae!

The lyrics tell a story that creates imagery (once you read the English translation lol). In a nutshell, Youngjae speaks about how he can’t live without his love, now that she’s left. His daily life is affected in every aspect, and the memories haunt him. You can visit his official Soundcloud here.

Keep your eyes peeled, as we have some more Valentine’s Day themed articles, coming soon!










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