Top 20 Love Songs: – SHINee Edition – Part One

Just 3 days until Valentine’s! I just couldn’t leave you hanging with my first list! I’m a huge SHINee 샤이니 fan, and so I had to dedicate a whole list to them!

Here’s part one, of my top 20 SHINee love songs.

20. SHINee 샤이니: Lucky Star (Korean Version)

Not sure if this song is very popular amongst Shawols. I first heard the Japanese version from their “Boy Meets You” album. This is a very upbeat tempo song and describes the feeling a man has about that special someone. It screams extreme happiness, excitement and the giddy early stages of a romance.

19. SHINee 샤이니: Dream Girl

This song is a classic, and had to be on the list, of course! Here SHINee speak about a girl that is only reachable in their dreams. I sense eagerness and the longing for that special someone. The lyrics are showcased well, with powerful vocals and harmonies.

18. SHINee 샤이니: Green Rain

From the drama “The Queen’s Classroom”; I feel like this song is very underrated. This song speaks of being nervous whilst being in love, and also in life. The sound is fresh and possesses innocence- very childlike.

17. SHINee 샤이니: “Beautiful 아름다워”

Here we have the typical “you’re beautiful, and you deserve the world” type of song. The “shy girl”, is whom SHINee wishes to embrace. Jonghyun’s vocals slaaaaay! That’s what first attracted me to this song.

16. SHINEE 샤이니: “Love Sick”

What I like the most about this song, is that it speaks about a friendship that spiralled into love.


It speaks of still feeling butterflies when you see your love, even though many years have passed. The love is still fresh!

15. Onew 온유: “Rainy Blue”

This song was a solo performed by Onew during their “I’m Your Boy” Tokyo Dome Tour. Taemin played the sweet melody on the piano. Onew became very emotional during this song, and I wonder if he can relate to this song, on a personal level? It speaks about missing someone deeply, and feeling depressed and “blue.” Stopping themselves from contacting them, at all.

Poor Onew! Who broke your heart? His tears were 100% real and genuine during this performance. He poured his heart into this, and I could feel the pain throughout his performance. Complete and ultimate passion.

14. SHINee 샤이니: “Excuse Me Miss”


Yaaaasss! This song is sexy and suave! My favourite performance of this is from SHINee World IV in Seoul. Lustful, and seductive. It’s got a funky, soul beat. Very late 80’s/90’s R’n’B.

13. SHINee 샤이니: “Love Like Oxygen 산소 같은 너”

Fresh and young SHINee! Cute and so adorable. The song title is self-explanatory,  and the beat portrays freshness. I get a sense of youthfulness, and puppy love here; when you confuse love with infatuation.

12. Jonghyun 종현: Y Si Fuera Ella (HyeYa 혜야)

This is a classic Spanish love song, by Alejandro Sanz; and Jonghyun’s 종현 version gained recognition from the man himself! This track speaks of pain and aguish, once you love has left you. Jonghyun 종현 came through, as always!

11. SHINee 샤이니: “Your Number” (Japanese Version)

The lyrics tell a story of two counterparts meeting, in a bookstore. With a love-at-first-sight type of thing, it’s very K-Drama-ish. Nevertheless, there’s a good mix of charmingness, cheese and romance. Very light hearted, yet with a catchy beat and dance routine.

So we’ve reached the halfway point! Do you agree or disagree with any of the above? What songs do you think will be on the other half of the list?

Keep a look out for part 2, coming soon!


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