And we’re back with part two! We still have so many great songs to get through! So let’s get started with a song from SHINee’s maknae 막내.

10. Taemin 태민: “One By One”

Taemin 태민 speaks of a secret love; one that consumes him deeply. I get an erogenous feel from this track; from both the lyrics and the beat.

9. Taemin태민: “Already 벌써”

At number 9, we have Taemin 태민 again with a mid-tempo track, written by Jonghyun 종현. This one speaks about the hardships faced when having to move on from a past relationship. How to react to everyone’s questions? How do you react when you hear your ex-lover’s name? “Already 벌써” is sultry, with a bittersweet feeling.

8.Taemin 태민 “Ace”

If it isn’t obvious by now, I’m a big fan of Taemin 태민! From his first mini album bearing the same name, this song is sharp and dominating. Taemin 태민 speaks of a woman in such a descriptive way, and explains that he knows exactly what he’s doing! And he wants to be the only one to show her. The music video for this song is dark, and enlightening at the same time. I feel a sense of mystery with this one, and the choreography fits perfectly.

7. Jonghyun 종현: “Moon”

Boys and girls, here we have some serious baby making music!  After reading the English translation of the lyrics, I was a bit shocked with the content. Only small fragments of erotic words and phrases were used, and why not? Jonghyun 종현 is grown! Now the performance above is definitely appropriate for this song. When listening and reading the lyrics, I feel that your senses would be heightened, based purely on the content. Jonghyun 종현 speaks of taking that special girl, to a place out of this world!

6. Onew 온유 Ft. Lee Jun Ah 이준아: “Starry Night 밤과 별의 노래”

Accompanied by the soft and delicate tone of Lee Jun Ah, Onew’s 온유 calming voice coincides with the velvety sounds of strings and piano. Again, the theme of longing to be with someone is apparent here. This song is sooo soothing, and the animated music video is lovely to watch.

5. Taemin 태민: Sayonara Hitori さよならひとり

The first time I heard this I was very sceptical, but after seeing it performed live, I couldn’t get enough! Taemin tells a story with his body, and we feel the anguish and heartache within his every move. This song speaks of a temporary goodbye. I prefer the Japanese version, maybe it’s because I heard it first?

4. Taemin 태민: Play Me 소나타

“You play my heartbeat. A melody, for me. ”

“Grip the secret chord that only you know (play me)
Turn up the volume of my heartbeat
So it races for me.”

I love the use of metaphors in this one. It’s one of those late night listens! Something to snuggle

3. SHINee 샤이니: Sleepless Night

This will have you in tears if you’re as soppy as I am. I’ve never heard such passion from SHINee. The live performance even had the audience crying! The lyrics are very deep, and soul wrenching. It makes me feel that they were singing from a true place, and had once pleaded with the one they love, to come back.

2. SHINee샤이니: Beautiful Life 한마디

Reminiscing of sweeter times. I don’t find much sadness in this song, just contemplation, of “what if I did this?” The acoustics and percussion give a feel of nostalgia and past memories. Happy memories.

1. SHINee 샤이니: Odd Eye

Being desired by SHINee dressed in black, looking mysterious? Sure. I picked this as my number, as it’s such a sensual song, both audio and visual wise. And it’s all about opening yourself up, showing your true self, and expressing all of your deepest desires and feelings.

So there we have the complete list! Were there any songs that you felt should have been included?

Comment below!


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