We couldn’t leave it at just 5 songs! There are so many amazing non title tracks out there that we had to make another list.

Day6 – ‘I Need Somebody’

This song honestly took everyone who listened to it by storm! A departure from their softer songs about heartbreak, ‘I Need Somebody’ takes on a heavier rock sound with raw and powerful vocals from all band members. Honestly, when Young K first starts singing it pierces you right in the heart! This song is soul stealing in the best way possible. You have NEVER heard Day6 like this before!

Taeyeon – ‘Fashion

Fashion Week are happening round the world right now so you know what we’re blasting. The heavy electronic bass is hypnotic paired with Taeyeon’s sweet vocals. This song perfectly fits its title, when that addictive chorus starts playing you can’t help but strut like you’re walking down a runway. You are definitely feeling yourself when ‘Fashion’ starts playing.

JJ Project – ‘Coming Home’

I must put my hands up here and say that I was a late comer to this song, but oh boy I don’t know what I did without this track. The opening track to JJ Project’s ‘Verse 2’ mini album released the summer of 2017,’Coming Home’ is ambient and entrancing and with that funky bass guitar in the intro and chorus, you can’t help but get lost in the song and move your body. I’m certainly addicted and you should be to

Block B – ‘Bingle Bingle’

With a title like ‘Bingle Bingle,’ translating to round and round, it’s pretty self-explanatory what this track is going to do to you if you catch my drift *wink wink* This sexy track is performed by Block B’s B-Bomb and U-Kwon and produced by member Zico and the ever-talented Dean. Both of them have the more soft and seductive vocals in Block B and this fits this song perfectly. If you’re looking for getting in the party mood, this song is a great starter. Listen out for the little bits of Dean and Zico throughout the track as well.

Triple H – ‘What’s Going On?’

A light guitar based track with an old-school beat, ‘What’s Going On?’ is an easy and breezy song that is perfect for when you’re just doing nothing. The relaxed vocals and flowing rap of Triple H give off such summer vibes that we can’t wait for these winter blues to end. Definitely an easy track to add to your playlist.


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