So much good music is being produced these days that we can barely keep up! It’s easy to assume that the title tracks Kpop artists put out are their best work from their recent album or EP, but that is not the case. These people are insanely talented and so are the people that produce their music, so Kpop Box is here to shed light on non-title tracks that you should hear to make it easier for you to get through all that music. Stay tuned for more lists in the future.

VIXX – ‘Love Me Do’

Guys this song is sexy as hell! Released on VIXX’s 2016 ‘Hades’ EP, this song has amazing vocals (as expected from VIXX) and fits the dark and sexy vibe of the EP with electronic elements and strong piano work in the background and a pulsating beat. Plus, it was revealed that BAP’s Bang Yong Guk took part in composing this song and that speaks for itself. Check out the live stage for the full sexy experience!


SHINee – ‘Prism’

Just giving you a heads up, this will not be the first non-title track from this album you will see in these lists. ‘Prism’ is the perfect intro to a throwback, retro style album with its fun beat and vocals. Demonstrating the power that is Shinee, this song is one that must be on your radar.


f(x) – ‘Milk’

A song about cooling a burning and broken heart, this song’s style is perfect for the girls of f(x). Their mix of harmonies adds style to the clever wordplay of the song which is what the girls have become famous for. A quality song for quality musicians. Despite the track’s sadder lyrics, the composition of the music makes this song a fun one and one you’ll be singing along to.


EXO – ‘Sweet Lies’

Another sexy one! A more RnB track for the supergroup, this song has soft vocals and a powerful rap from Chanyeol and Sehun. Also, how could we ignore DO’s sexy English lyrics in the second verse! This is definitely a must listen from EXO.


CNBLUE – ‘Royal Rumble’

Our personal favourite from CNBLUE’s 2017 EP, ‘Royal Rumble’ is the audible embodiment of driving through the country or by the coast in the summertime. Mixing organic acoustic guitar with electronic motifs, the entire song is soft and light but the pulsing beat throughout keeps its moving.



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