tvN has just released a main poster and two character posters for their upcoming drama ”Tomorrow with you”.

tvN will be airing their first episode of their new drama ‘Tomorrow With you’  right after ‘Goblin’ finishes airing all of it’s schedules episodes.

tvN is bringing our Signal star back to our small screens and we are super excited! Lee Je Hoon completely surprised us with his superb acting skills last year, whether it be crying or laughing, we like him. A lot. He received an abundance of praise for his dedication to his role.


And guess who else we like?? Shin Min Ah, also known as Kim Woo Bin’s girlfriend. But lets focus on our ‘Tomorrow With you’ couple! Lee Je Hoon will be playing a CEO who travels through time to make a better choice, whilst Shin Min Ah will play his wife in the highly anticipated drama series. Here is a drama that is sure to bring out emotions to the forefront. We highly recommend watching tvN ‘Signal’ if you haven’t seen Lee Je Hoon act before or you could watch how funny he is in Running Man! Shin Min Ah is no rookie in the drama scene, and if you want to see a cute and cubby Shin Min Ah then I suggest you have a look at her drama  ‘Oh My venus’. You can have So Ji sub as a freebie!.

tvN will be airing their first episode of their new drama ‘Tomorrow With you’  on the 3rd of February 2017.  The number of episodes have not been released as of yet! It will air on Friday’s and Saturdays at 20.00 Korean time.

Can the drama live up to the hype ‘Goblin’ is receiving at the moment? We shall see my drama viewers!

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