As you now know, Under the Radar is a series that sheds light on the underrated Khiphop tracks that need some more love. But sometimes you get that artist whose entire work is underrated. Now frankly, that is out of order! We here at Kpop Box are flexible though and are willing to make changes to our system for the greater good and will write about this album.

The artist: offonoff
The album: boy.
Our top picks: ‘gold,’ ‘Dance,’ and ‘Good2me’

Producer and singer duo, offonoff, literally embody the term ‘Under the Radar!’ They’re part of the collective ‘Club Eskimo,’ proving their talent just by being associated with crew members Crush and Dean among others. To some extent we understand why they’re under the radar. Firstly, this is only their first album. Most debut albums need to time to gain popularity but in our opinion, IT HAS BEEN LONG ENOUGH! Secondly, they haven’t featured on other artist’s music until recently. A way that musicians can gain exposure is by featuring on other people’s music to reach a larger audience, offonoff hasn’t done that before and is only starting to do that now. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though! It could show independence as an artist and confidence and security in their craft. But that does mean they haven’t reached as much people with their music.

If you love chill vibes, this is most definitely an album for you. What is great about this album is that it explores the different sides of the chill sound, making this album anything but boring. offonoff give you tracks with hip beats such as ‘gold,’ ‘Good2me’ and ‘Cigarette,’ sexy lowfi tracks such as ‘Dance,’ ‘midnight’ and ‘boy,’ and songs perfect for those nights awake at 3am such as ‘Photograph,’ ‘Moon, 12:04am,’ and ‘Overthinking.’ With the input of amazing artists such as Dean, Punchnello and Tablo to name only a few featuring artists, this album is definitely unique.
Along with the album, offonoff released 4 music videos all filmed in London (REPRESENT!!!!). Like the album, the videos are simplistic and not over the top, enhancing the music playing and not distracting from it.

This is the first time we have covered an album on Under the Radar which just proves how underrated it is. We couldn’t just pick one track! This is a PSA, spread the love for offonoff! They are a truly underrated duo who are extremely talented and individual. We hope we’ve done them justice and spread the message. Go listen to the album!


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