AMBITION BOYS IN THE HOOD! We have a lit track for you guys this week and an artist who not only a rapper, but a truly talented musician.

Changmo has proved time and time again that he possesses pure talent and skill in the rap game but he never really seems to get the acknowledgement of international fans. He’s extremely popular in Korea, collaborating with many artists and making guest appearances on hit shows like the recent SMTM for Junoflo. Videos are all over the internet of Korean fans going crazy over this rapper yet the same cannot be truly said internationally. He does appear to be gaining traction though, most recently being honoured as the first South Korean artist to be nominated for a BET award which is HUGE! He sadly didn’t win but to be acknowledge on that level is amazing. Is that proof enough that you need to check out Changmo? Well here we are presenting to you another artist you need to be aware of and another song that is absolute fire so read on and be blessed.

Can we just discuss how powerful Changmo’s voice is! Changmo has that voice that you cannot help but be drawn to and listen to. Along with his expert use of rhythm, articulation and flow, you’ve got a recipe for success. It is evident in all of Changmo’s work that he truly understands music and uses it well to create quality work which we can really appreciate.
‘One More Rollie’ perfectly demonstrates this with an addictive beat and Changmo’s signature piano motif he has throughout his music. The song is powerful and confident and just makes you feel like you can take on the world. He has teamed up with label mates Kim Hyoeun and Hash Swan, each with their own unique rap style and tone. Kim Hyoeun brings depth and speedy lyrics with his deep voice and fast manoeuvre throughout his verse. Hash Swan takes a more chill approach to his verse and his signature high pitched rap adds another layer to this song and brings us one of the stand out lines of the song. You got goosebumps yet?
The video is cool, glamourous and decorated with gold, shot in some lavish locations in a smooth and sleek way, reflecting the song.

We hope one day that international fans can fully see how great Changmo is and he can be as big internationally as he is in Korea. He’s super talented as well as absolutely adorable. What more can we say?


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