This week’s Under The Radar may be coming from a surprising artist. However, like always, a few gems do get underappreciated. But hey, that’s what we’re here for!

One-fifth of the hit crew, Fanxy Child, Crush is definitely not an underrated artist. With many EPs and singles under his belt, plus an album and a successful show in London, he has countless amazing songs for the listener to choose from! But with so much music, some gems are sure to slip under the radar.

What seems to be the case most of the time is that the more chilled and subdued tracks tend to be overshadowed by the lit tracks. Who doesn’t love a good bop? However, you need to have a good track to wind down or vibe to amongst all the fire!

We’d like to draw attention to Crush’s recent packaged single, ‘Outside.’  Three great tracks are part of this package, with the bright and fun ‘Outside’ being the hit title track, the cheeky and flirty ‘Don’ Be Shy’ with Kpop Box favourite Sik-K, and this week’s pick for the Under The Radar, ‘Summer Love.’
‘Summer Love’ is a hip, ambient track fills all your vibing needs! Crush’s ethereal vocals throughout are enough to transport you to a far-off place, out of reality. Crush effortlessly performs this track, once again proving his talent and skills. The music video is tranquil and scenic, focusing on the beauty of Crush and the beauty of nature. Perfect!

Some days you just need a mellow track to vibe to and Crush has provided it. We hope you will be playing this brilliant song all week and come back next week for a new song obsession.


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