A short Under the Radar this week for a short track, but one that is definitely worth your while.

I know what you’re thinking, “how could there possibly be an underrated Dean track?” Believe it or not, there is!
The release of Dean’s ‘Coming Over’ single came at a time where Dean was bigger than ever and is still continuing to grow. He was doing ads left, right and centre, like his recent PUMA campaign, and was a producer on one of Korea’s biggest shows, Show Me The Money, which was due to air its first episode soon. With all this buzz, the single as well as this week’s pick, ‘The Unknown Guest,’ seemed to slip through the cracks, unjustly! Here’s why:

‘The Unknown Guest’ is not your typical b-side track. It’s an intimate piece by Dean and one you can’t help but stop, pause, and listen and admire. What is uniquely beautiful about this track is the audio quality. Listening to this song makes you feel like you’re listening to an old recording, almost something personal to Dean, something private. The old piano that plays is nostalgic and sweet and instantly makes you feel at ease.

Dean has given us the perfect song for ultimate relaxation and as we get into the colder months, you need a warm song like this to comfort you on those cold winter nights.


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