This week’s underrated artist is not only talented but speaks up on important social issues, making us here at Kpop Box believe that this week Under The Radar is an important one. It’s time for him to shine!

Koreatown native, Dumbfounded, is a talented yet completely underrated rapper in the Korean music industry. His track ‘Hyung’ may be the beginning of the turning point in his career but he still remains under the radar. With the backing of work with big name artists including Dok2, Simon Dominic and Jessi, it’s obvious that he’s an in-demand artist in the industry.
Dumbfounded is also known and praised for his active nature in the entertainment industry, not only for his music but for helping to raise awareness of Asian representation in media, a growing important topic of discussion at present. Dumbfounded, we salute you!

The vast majority of his music has gone under the radar with the exception of his explosive, star-packed tracks ‘K.B.B’ and ‘Hyung,’ however, much of his music has remained undiscovered by many as they fail to check out his music further. We here at Kpop Box hope to change that and enlighten people on this talented artist’s discography.

‘Water’ is an understated track but has a steady and almost hypnotic beat that plays throughout. Like always, dumbfounded has the perfect blend of Korean and English lyrics, utilising the extended amount of wordplay it gives him which is becoming a common trait and skill for the rapper. G.Soul’s subtle but effective vocals add depth to the track and further emphasises the entrancing nature of the track. Another subtle but strong vocal in this track is the uncredited talents of female rapper powerhouse, Jessi. Tasked with performing the song’s hypnotic hook, she highlights her bad girl appeal and helps drive the rhythmic track, thanks girl!
The accompanying video may give slight ‘Blurred Lines’ vibes but is less controversial and fits the vibe and aesthetics of Dumbfounded. It’s a humorous video and shows his ability to laugh at himself which helps us all fall for him even more.

Dumfounded is a special artist who we predict will make waves soon not only for his music but for the important issues he raises that speak to hundreds. Listen to this track amongst his other epic tracks. Stay woke kids.


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