6 member boy group Halo debuted in 2014 but seem to be just underappreciated compared to other groups.


They produce vibrant songs with slick choreography and quality visuals that clearly display their talent. A quick google and type into the YouTube search bar and you can easily see that these boys are fun, charismatic and fit perfectly together and that just makes you fall in love with them more! Their recent release ‘Here I Am’ is the perfect starting point for you to fall into the rabbit hole so get listening.

A charismatic and upbeat song, ‘Here I Am’ is flirty and fun, highlighting the push and pull game we play with someone we’re interested in becoming too much. With an addictive saxophone motif throughout, the song is dynamic and will definitely get you grooving.

Now you’ve witnessed to the talent of HALO, let’s all show them some love when they come to the UK for their performance. We are sure it will be fun and electric and we can’t wait.


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