A well and truly underrated artist is getting the Kpop Box treatment this week. Read on and take pleasure in getting a glimpse at this relatively unknown artist.

The YouTube recommendations can be a strange place at times, but when it wants to be, it can be a wonderful place. The YouTube recommendations brought Kpop Box to Owol’s ‘Nuna,’ an ambient and sexy trap and RnB track featuring Microdot. We’re sure many of you, like us, have never heard of Owol but hey, don’t sweat it! That’s what we’re here for.

Unlike other artists we’ve covered on Under the Radar, there isn’t much information on Owol but in our opinion, that just makes him all the more intriguing. All you need to know is that he’s loveable and fun, is an ex-kpop idol and an extremely talented and promising artist.

‘Nuna’ depicts the emotions of a guy who is charmed by an older woman who is a player. He asks this woman to stop flirting with him as he has caught onto her flirtatious act. The chorus is addictive and encapsulates the song well and we’re sure you will be at least humming the catchy hook after just one listen. The talented rap of Microdot breaks up the song nicely and brings a new side to the speaker’s voice. It’s a strong and effortless rap and fits perfectly in the song. The music video is dark and sexy right from the get go and Owol shows off his idol training skills in slick dance scenes.

It is clear to see that Owol possesses a large amount of talent but doesn’t appear to be getting the correct promotion and acknowledgement for his efforts, leaving him Under the Radar. So Kpop Box bring forth to you this new information and we highly suggest that you get yourself invested in this underground artist before his popularity surely sky rockets.



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