HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes, it’s a bit late but better late than never! Under the Radar has returned and will continue to bring you tracks that may have slipped by this 2018.


We music fans are consumed by music every day, listening to countless tracks day in and day out. But every now and then we come across some new music that really makes us stop and appreciate it. Some truly good music. For me, that was Rad Museum’s ‘Woman.’

Linked to the likes of Dean, Miso and OFFONOFF, this artist is still relatively unknown in the industry, only really gaining attention when he’s with Dean. But if you listened to his ‘Scene’ EP, you would know that this guy is insanely talented. Do not worry if you haven’t though, we’re here for you. The EP contains great tracks like ‘Over the Fence’ and ‘Dancing in the Rain,’ but for me, its final track, ‘Woman,’ is a must listen, especially during those cloudy January days.

‘Woman’ is retro, indie-rock style track that is incredibly dreamy. As soon as you hear that first strum of the guitar, you’re instantly transported into a fantasy. This song is definitely one for those moments when you’re alone, watching the world. At least that’s how I feel anyway. This song can truly take you anywhere so make it your own. Rad Museum’s vocals seem distant yet present, adding to the dream-like feel of the song and helps bring his EP to a wonderful close.

In my eyes, this is a great track to begin Under the Radar this 2018 and has set us off for the year. Here’s to another wonderful year for music.


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