Under the Radar brings you underrated Korean hip-hop tracks that you should know. But now we feel we need to expand and stay true to our name and bring you underrated Kpop songs (seems like a no brainer, right?). Well here we are with our first underrated Kpop song, ‘Echo’ by Seven O’Clock *CLAP CLAP CLAP* 

Debuting almost a year ago, this group has spent their first year completely under the radar. They’ve released only one EP titled ‘Butterfly Effect’ and have not released anything since, possibly due to a lack of attention. Recently, the group has been back in the public eye with two of their members Song Han Gyeom (A-Day) and Kim Sang Won (Vaan) participating on the JTBC survival show, Mix Nine. It’s through this show that they have shown how talented and charismatic they are, as well as raising awareness for their group.

Seven O’Clock’s track ‘Echo’ that fits into the tropical house genre and shows off their talented vocals and powerful rapping. It’s definitely a strong track that stands out and gets you moving so we can’t understand how people have missed this. The chorus’ lead lyrics “just stay still” is arguably the highlight of the song along with that beat which helps the song stand out from others in the tropical house genre.  Each member stands out in the group while still being able to fit as a unit, but we can’t help but give a special mention to Vaan who has this captivating deep voice and strong visual which has been compared to the likes of Big Bang’s TOP by YG himself.

With their upcoming London performance at Kpop Knight just around the corner, we hope fans support them as well as in the future.


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