Under The Radar is here bringing you another hidden gem of the Korean hip-hop industry! This time it Suran ft Changmo – Wine.

Wine – Suran feat Changmo

If you’re asked to name Khiphop’s leading ladies, I’m sure most will say Heize and Hoody. However not many would mention Suran.

Suran is the industry’s featuring queen, lending her voice to many tracks by artists including Zico and Wonjae on SMTM6. You may not know the name, but you’ll definitely know the voice. Her soft and quiet yet raspy voice is unique and proves why she’s the singer many go to for collaborations. We here at Kpop Box would like to shed light on this quality artist’s own work as her recent release, ‘1+1=0’ featuring the always legendary Dean, is an audible masterpiece! However, we’d like to pay particular attention to another song in her repertoire.

Our song pick for this underrated artist is the mellow yet complex track ‘Wine’ featuring talent rapper Changmo. The song tells the story of a love-hate relationship and the complex emotion that comes from it. Both artists perform the story perfectly and the expertly produced track by none other than BTS’ Suga (as if the song couldn’t get any better!)

Hopefully, through this, you’ll see how talent Suran is and how amazing this song is. If you liked ‘Wine,’ be sure to listen to her song ‘1+1=0’ as it has an addictive, funky vibe and shows Suran’s multifaceted nature.


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