Under The Radar is a fresh new segment that looks at all the underrated hip-hop or RnB artists or songs. The first Under The Rader song is Penomeco’s PNM (Plus and Minus).

PNM (Plus and Minus) – Penomeco

With his short but sweet appearance on Show Me The Money 6, rising rapper, Penomeco, may be starting to get the love he has long deserved. More and more people are paying attention to this rapper, acknowledging his involvement with the hiphop crew FANXY CHILD alongside stars Zico, Crush and Dean, and are now leading onto listening to his own work. Most recently he released not only his SMTM6 special stage ‘S.M.T.M,’ but he also released a track with SM Station on August 11th titled ‘HUNNIT,’ showing his gradual rise into the public eye.

Back in February 2017, Penomeco released his ‘FILM’ EP with 3 amazing tracks but apart from the title track, ‘WTF,’ the EP seemingly went under the radar. Of course, we would highly recommend you listen to all 3 tracks, but we would like to highlight one special track, ‘PNM (Plus and Minus)’ which was also the song Penomeco performed during his SMTM audition when he was asked to perform another rap.

This track is the upbeat and fun and is perfectly Penomeco. The rapper demonstrates his talent in performing and his musical understanding, playing with rhythms expertly and taking risks at every turn while still being light and fun. This song is a perfect example of the underrated talent Penomeco possesses.

Be sure to check the song out as well as his other work and keep an eye out for him in the future, because he will for sure become a bigger star than he is today.



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