Upcoming Korean Dramas: March Edition!

If you’re like me, you’ll know when your Korean dramas are going to air! But if you don’t, that’s okay. Because here at KpopBox we have a list of dramas that will air this March! Make sure to get a good look at who has been cast for what! The drama’s will be in order of airing date.

  1. ‘Radiant Office’


‘Radiant Office’ follows the life of a troubled woman who cannot seem to catch a break. She struggles to find the will to live as she cannot get a job. She is hired as a contract worker, but also finds out something life changing.

Talk about a great cast! Hoya anyone?? If you loved the actress from ‘Heard it through the grapevine’ you will surely love her in this drama. Lee Dong hwi has completed a few movies this year as well as starring in the popular remake of the american drama ‘Entourage’


2. The liar and his Lover

The liar and his lover will be a story about a composer named Kang Han Kyeol who falls in love with a beautiful and talented singer called Yoon So Rim.

As this the Joy’s first drama to date, all eyes will be on not only her acting skills but also on whether she has a future as both an Idol and actress. Lee Hyun woo is no stranger to the acting industry and has proven time and time again that he is a talented and versatile actor. Check out his drama ‘Moorim School’.


3. ‘The Tunnel’


The Tunnel is an OCN drama that will be about a detective named Park Gwang Ho who is on the hunt for a serial killer in the year 1986. He travels through time and to find that he is now in the year 2017. He meets another detective named Kim Sung Jae who helps him look for the killer as well as a psychologist.

This will be Choi Jin Hyuk’s first drama since his enlistment in 2015. Yoon Hyun Min will gracing us with his good looks as well as his superb acting skills! To be honest I am really looking forward to this drama especially since OCN is doing so well with the ‘voice’. I wonder how the drama will portray a detective who is now in a new century as well as the technology used to deal with finding criminals.






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