Welcome back to Wednesdays Whereabouts! So, who have I got lined up for the fourth instalment? Sticking with the girl group theme, gracing us with their presence this week it’s 4Minute!

~Let’s start!~

Formed in 2009 by Cube Entertainment, 4Minute existed as a five-member girl group made up of Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna, and Sohyun. The group burst onto the K-Pop music scene with the single ‘Hot Issue’ in June 2009 and there followed a career spanning two full length albums: ‘Diamond’ (2010) and ‘4 Minutes Left’ (2011); one compilation album: ‘Best Of 4Minute’ (2012); seven Eps (excluding 2Yoon): ‘For Muzik’ (2009), ‘Hit Your Heart’ (2010), ‘Volume Up’ (2012), ‘Name is 4Minute’ (2013), ‘4Minute Wolrd’ (2014), ‘Crazy’ (2015) and ‘Act 7’ (2016); one EP from 2Yoon: ‘Harvest Moon’ (2013); and one single ‘24/7’ (2013); nine variety shows and documentaries about them; and eight headlined concerts.

After seven successful years as a girl group, 4Minutes’ fans were shocked when, in 2016, Cube Entertainment announced the group’s disbandment; due to what they called an ‘unsuccessful contract renewal negotiation with the majority of the members’.

So, where are they now? Are they safe? Eating? Sleeping?

All the important questions you may have will be answered and your minds put at ease!

Let me break it down for y ’all…

Jihyun – Out of the five girls, Jihyun was one of the four to decide to not renew her contract with Cube Entertainment; instead choosing to sign with a new company: Artist Company, in order to purse a career as an actress. As well as changing her company and profession, Jihyun has also changed her stage name to Son Jihyun (Son being her mother’s maiden name – she originally was known under her birth name: Nam Jihyun). Since 4Minutes’ disbandment, she starred in KBS’ 2017 youth romance drama Strongest Deliveryman and more recently TV Chosun’s 2018 historical drama Grand Prince.

I wonder what role Jihyun will take on next? Good luck on your new career path, Jihyun!

Gayoon – Like Jihyun, Gayoon also decided to not renew her contract with Cube Entertainment, choosing instead to join BS Company with her career focus shifting to acting. Upon the announcement of her changing entertainment companies, BS Company released the statement:

“after signing an exclusive contract, Heo Gayoon has joined our family. She is an artist with many talents and capable of maturity. She is beginning a new stage of her career as an actress, so please look forward to her efforts”.

Since joining BS Company, Gayoon has had small supporting roles in the 2017 films ‘Daddy You, Daughter Me’ and ‘Drug King’.

Good luck with your acting, Gayoon, can’t wait to see you take on some main roles!

Jiyoon – Following the same footsteps as Jihyun and Gayoon, Jiyoon ultimately decided not to renew her contract with Cube Entertainment and departed from the company to sign with JS E&M as a solo artist and actress, with the agency saying that Jiyoon has ‘unlimited potential’. She debuted on November 2nd 2016 as a solo artist under the new stage name Jenyer with the album ‘Day and Night’ and music video for the title so ‘I Do’ – which she chose not to promote on music shows like other idols.

In the March of 2017 Jiyoon collaborated with Samuel Seo on the single ‘Cliché’ and has since been hard at work preparing new music for the future.

HyunA – Out of the five 4Minute girls, HyunA is the only one to have resigned a contract with Cube Entertainment. Since the groups disbandment she has debuted as part of Triple H, a new sub-unit consisting of HyunA and Pentagon members Hui and E’Dawn, where she is the leader (a position she allegedly won from beating the guys at rock paper scissors).

In addition to being active in Triple H, HyunA’s solo career has also continued to flourish since 4Minute’s disbandment. On August 29th 2017, Hyuna released her sixth mini-album ‘Following’ and its title track “Babe” (major bop btw). After the success of “Babe”, HyunA released “Lip & Hip” on December 4th 2017 (absolutely in love with this song guys…my gosh).

Alongside music, HyunA was also a mentor in the 2017 reality show ‘The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project’.

Sohyun – Sohyun was the final member of the 4Minute girls to choose not to renew her contact with Cube Entertainment and go her separate ways from the company. Since her departure, she has signed with TheCNT and is now focusing, like Jihyun and Gayoon, on acting. On the subject of Sojyun signing with them, TheCNT have said,

“we will give full support so that actress Kwon Sohyun can continue various projects in various areas at home and abroad. We ask that you give her lots of love and interest in what she will show you as an actress in the future”.

Currently, she has appeared in one film ‘The Love That’s Left’ as a lead role in 2017 and has had a cameo in the drama Criminal Minds, also in 2017.

Well, whilst they might have not all stayed together at Cube, the girls are individually carving out careers for the next stages of their lives. We wish them all the best of luck and success and fingers crossed that we will be hearing and seeing more of them and their projects in the near future – 4Minute, we will always love you!!~

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