Welcome back to Wednesdays Whereabouts! So, who have I got lined up for the long awaited (oops) third instalment? Well it’s another well-loved girl group who took the K-Pop industry by storm: Miss A! 

~Let’s start!~

On July 1st 2010 a new four-member girl group, formed by JYP Entertainment, debuted onto the South Korean music scene. The group would come to be known as Miss A and consisted of Fei, Jia, Min and Suzy. Before debuting as Miss A, the girls – at the time just Fei, Jia and Suzy – first appeared on Chinese variety shows under the title of the ‘Chinese Wonder Girls’ and also released a song for the Samsung Electronics group in China. It was the music video for their song “Love Again” that allowed fans to have a sneak peek at the final member to be added to Miss A: Min; who would later become an official member before their July debut.

The quartet would go on to release 2 full albums, ‘A Class’ (2011) and ‘Hush’ (2013), and 3 mini-albums ‘Independent Women III’ (2012), ‘Touch’ (2012) and ‘Colors’ (2015). However, after the promotions for ‘Colors’ had concluded, JYP announced that Miss A had become inactive indefinitely, with the next couple of years seeing Jia and Min departing from the group in May 2016 and November 2017, respectively, before the rumours were confirmed on December 27th 2017 by JYP that Miss A had disbanded.

So, where are they now? Are they safe? Eating? Sleeping?

All the important questions you may have will be answered and your minds put at ease!

Let me break it down for y ’all…

Fei –  Since the group disbanded, Fei has been quietly focusing on her solo career. She made her solo singing debut in 2016, a year before Miss A split with her single ‘Fantasy’, a single that won over the critics at Billboard Magazine who named it as one of the 20 best K-Pop songs of that year. Fei has also been bitten by the acting bug, and was confirmed as the lead role in Select Game, a Chinese movie; and also featured in ‘Swan’ a Chinese/Korean Web drama as a supporting role in 2017.

Jia – After leaving not only Miss A but JYP Entertainment as well, Jia chose to pursue her solo career back home in her native China. It was revealed back on June 8, 2016, that she had signed a contract with Banana Culture Music at Andaz Xintiandi in Shanghai. Later that year on November 18th, she debuted as a solo artist with the single ‘Drip’, which was then followed by her second single ‘Who’s That Girl’ which was released on January 3rd 2017 and charted at #6 on Billboard China.

Jia’s third single as a solo artist was ‘Candy’, released on April 7th 2017. The following day she won the Breakthrough Female Artist of the Year” award at the 5th Annual V Chart Awards (congratulations girl!). Later that year Jia released ‘Mood’, her fourth single, as a collaboration with GOT7’s Jackson Wang. Finally, her most recent single ‘Weapon’ was released to the public on March 20th 2018 – let’s see where she goes next!

Min – Before her departure from Miss A in November 2017, it was revealed in the January that Min would be making her musical debut as the lead of the Korean adaptation of Boys Over Flowers The Musical; which ran from the February until the May. Since then, there has been little else released to the public about Min’s future plans, Min has left JYP Entertainment for good and there has been silence on her radar since her exit – all we can do is hope she is okay and wish her the best for her future!

Suzy – Having renewed her contract with JYP Entertainment, it was announced that back in January of this year Suzy would be making a comeback as a solo artist. ‘In Love with Someone Else’ was released on January 22nd and achieved a real-time all kill (congratulations girl!). A few days after, she released her second solo album ‘Faces of Love’, which featured the title track ‘Holiday’. February 14th saw her release a music video for the b-side track ‘Sober’ (you guys should check it out!); during the following month, March 9th, Suzy released her fourth music video for her single ‘Midnight’, which featured a piano ensemble by Yiruma.

Alongside her career as a solo artist, Suzy has also returned to her acting and is due to star in the spy action drama Vagabond, where she will play a secret agent. Suzy has definitely done well for herself since Miss A disbanded, both professionally and personally, as it was confirmed on March 9th2018 that she was in a relationship with actor Lee DongWook! Here at KpopBox we wish them a happy relationship~

Well, it is safe to say that the girls have definitely carved out careers after Miss A, although Miss A will still stay dear to our hearts – and hopefully theirs as well! Fingers crossed that we will be hearing and seeing more of them and their projects in the near future – Miss A, we love you!!~

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