Welcome back to this week’s Wednesday’s Whereabouts! So, who have I got lined up for the seventh instalment? Well, this girl group are one of KPop’s most loved groups who caused so much upset when it was announced they were disbanding: SISTAR!

~Let’s start!~

SISTAR first burst onto the KPop scene way back in 2010, consisting of Hyolyn, Bora, Soyou and Dasom and managed by Starship Entertainment. Before releasing any music, the girls began their group activities with commercials and photoshoots, allowing them to gain some popularity and hype up their debut, which happened on June 3rd 2010 with the single “Push Push”. As a quartet, SISTAR released 2 studio albums: ‘So Cool’ (2010) and ‘Give It To Me’ (2013), and six EPs: ‘Alone’ (2012), ‘Loving U’ (2012), ‘Touch N Move’ (2014), ‘Sweet & Sour’ (2014), ‘Shake It’ (2015) and ‘Insane Love’ (2016). They held 3 concerts: ‘Femme Fatale’ (2013), ‘Live Concert: S’ (2013) and ‘Live Concert: S – Hong Kong’ (2014); and had 3 TV programmes: ‘Sistar & Keeteuk’s Hello Baby’ (2011), ‘Midnight in Hong Kong with Sistar’ (2014) and ‘Sistar Showtime’ (2015).

Last year, in the beginning of May 2017, SISTAR released a teaser photo that revealed they were having a comeback at the end of May; “Lonely”, composed by Black Eyed Pilseung, was released on May 31st 2017. However, their comeback was not all good news, shortly before the track was released Starship Entertainment announced that it would be the girls last ever comeback as the group would be disbanding after seven years together; and this was later further confirmed by the girls themselves when they wrote personal farewell letters to their fans (sad face).

As one last farewell, SISTAR performed all their most successful hits, including “Touch My Body”, “Shake It”, “Loving U”, “I Swear” and “Lonely” on four major Korean music shows, before closing the schedule on Inkigayo in June 2017, and then officially disbanding (I still can’t believe it!).

So, where are they now? Are they safe? Eating? Sleeping?

All the important questions you may have will be answered and your minds put at ease!

Let me break it down for y ’all…

Bora – In June 2017, one month after SISTAR’s disbandment, Bora left Starship Entertainment to pursue a career as an actress and signed contract with Hook Entertainment; taking on her full name, Yoon BoRa, as her stage name. Later that year, in November 2017, she was cast for a supporting role in ‘A Korean Odyssey’, a fantasy TV drama by tvN. The following year Bora made a cameo as a model in the 2018 TV series ‘Gangnam Beauty’. In addition to her cameo for ‘Gangnam Beauty’, Bora also made an appearance in as a special MC for the position evaluation of 2018’s ‘Produce 48’ (do any of you guys watch Produce 101/48? I love them!).

As Bora’s acting career is still in its early stages I can’t wait to see where she takes it!

Hyolyn – Shortly after SISTAR’s disbandment, Hyolyn was featured alongside Kisum on the track “Fruity” that was produced by The Groovy Room and released in June 2017. A few months later in the August, she did an OST for tvN’s ‘Live Up To Your Name’ entitled “Always”. On September 9, 2017, Hyolyn publicly announced that she would be leaving Starship Entertainment by uploaded a handwritten letter to her personal Instagram account, stating that she had decided to start fresh without an agency for the time being.

Late 2017 saw her feature in two episodes of ‘Fantastic Duo 2’, a music broadcast, where she competed against Jinusean and collaborated with GOT7 for a rendition of her track “Blue Moon”. Late 2017 also saws Hyolyn join a new label – one she created herself. Birdʒ, pronounced ‘Bridge’, was created by Hyolyn and was named so because its meant to symbolise bridges that she hopes to build between the public and her music production.

During the last months of 2017 and first months of 2018, she gave her voice to the OST track “Wind Up Watch” for the drama ‘Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me’, which was released in December 2017, and “Dreamy Love” for the drama ‘Money Flower’, released in January 13, 2018. January 2018 was also the time that Hyolyn began to prepare for her return to the music industry. At the end of the month, she announced that she had planned a three-part project consisting of three separate singles. The first single she released was the medium tempo, acoustic-pop single “To Do List”, on February 6, 2018.

A few days later, on February 28, Hyolyn featured on the single “One and Only You”, GOT7’s pre-release track from their later released studio album, ‘Eyes On You’. A few months later, on April 23rd 2018, she revealed “Dally”, the second single from her three-part project which featured rapper and produce Gray. The music video for this single gathered over one million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours of its release.

Very recently, Hyolyn released the summer track “See Sea” on July 20th 2018 and has just announced her next single “Bae” through a teaser music video. Girrrrl, I lietrally can’t keep up with you! But I ain’t complaining – her songs are major bops!

Soyou – After SISTAR’s disbandment, Soyou was one of two members who decided to stay on and renew their contracts with Starship Entertainment as solo artists. Soyou’s solo career began in the August of 2017 when she was featured on Primary’s song “Right?” and was then cemented when she released her remake of “The Blue Night of Jeju Island”, originally by Choi SungWon, in September 2017. In addition to this, September also saw her feature on K.Will’s track “Let Me Hear”; and the following month, October 2017, saw Soyou released the collaboration track “Monitor Girl” with Geek’s Louis, whom she had collaborated with back in 2012.

In preparation for Soyou’s upcoming debut album, she released the single “I still” with Sung SiKyung on November 16th 2017. A few days later on November 28th it was confirmed that Soyou would become an MC for JTBC’s ‘SoyouXHani’s Beauty View’ which aired on December 28th 2017. Her debut solo album ‘RE:BORN’ is to be released in two parts, the first part having been released on December 13th 2017 showcasing the single “The Night” which featured rapper duo Geeks and was produced by Primary (I’m so excited for the second part to be released I can’t wait!).

Dasom – As well as Soyou, Dasom also decided to renew her contract with Starship Entertainment but this time focusing more on her acting career. She currently part of the main cast in ‘Band of Sisters’ (2017-) and has also had a cameo in the 2017 film noir ‘Real’. Recently it was announced that Dasom was cast in ‘Ms. Kim’s Mystery’, a KBS drama special (I know I can’t wait for her to take on more acting roles, she’ll kill it in the future!).

Well, whilst they might have not all stayed together at Starship, the girls are growing individually and carving out the next stages of their idol lives. We wish them all the best of luck and success and fingers crossed that we will be hearing and seeing more of them and their projects soon – SISTAR, thank you for giving us some of the best tracks to feature in the KPop industry! We will always love you!~

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