Hello and welcome to KpopBox’s newest segment: ‘Wednesdays Whereabouts’!~ A segment where I, Beckie (hi, nice to meet you!), take you on journeys back through the careers of disbanded groups and just remind them that they are still loved dearly~

So, which wonderful group will kick off Wednesdays Whereabouts? Well the clue is actually in the question you just read, ‘wonderful’. Couldn’t guess? Then let me tell you (I mean, I was going to anyway and their picture is also at the top of the article lol): it’s Wonder Girls!

~Let’s start!~

February 13th 2007, saw the world introduced to JYP’s new, fresh faced, seven-member girl group: Wonder Girls. Releasing a total of 3 albums (“The Wonder Years” 2007, “Wonder World” 2011 and “Reboot” 2015) and headlining 5 of their own tours, Wonder Girls held onto a successful 10-year career that unfortunately came to an end on January 26th 2017.

Major sad face

So, where are they now? Are they safe? Eating? Sleeping?

All the important questions you may have will be answered and your minds put at ease!

Let me break it down for y’all…

Sunye – Currently on hiatus from the idol life, Sunye is living in Haiti with her husband and two children. They left for Haiti in July 2014 to do 5 years of missionary work (which means they should be returning in 2019). Sunye had previously spent a week in Haiti in 2011 volunteering at a children’s hospital and treating victims of cholera.

Sunmi – After leaving both Wonder Girls and JYP Entertainment in the January, it was announced that Sunmi had signed with a new agency, MakeUs Entertainment in February 2017. Fast forward to August 22nd 2017 and Sunmi made her first solo comeback in 3 years. The single was “Gashina”, produced by Teddy Park of The Black Label (a major bop btw). After the success of Gashina, Sunmi returned with another single titled “Heroine” on January 18, 2018.

Yeeun – Like Sunmi, Yeeun parted ways with JYP, but don’t fret – she is continuing her music career. Back in April 2017, Yeeun officially signed with Amoeba Culture, and is the first female solo artist to be represented by the label in 11 years (which is pretty cool)! As well as continuing as a solo artist, Yeeun is also credited as a songwriter on Twice’s “Only You” from their EP Signal and Playback’s “Want You To Say”. In addition, she also sang and wrote two songs from the TV show ‘Cross Country’: “Thru The Sky” (solo) and “Cross Country” (collab with Kim Bo-Hyung and Suran).

October 12th 2017 saw Yeeun make her first release under the new label and also her first solo 2014, returning to her stage name Ha:tfelt. The album “MEiNE” contains the titled track “I Wander” featuring Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko (the co-founder of Amoeba Culture) and B-side “Read Me” which features PUNCHNELLO.

Hyuna – When HyunA first burst onto the K-Pop scene, she did so as a member of Wonder Girls. However, she was removed from the group by her parents over their concerns for her health shortly after their debut. HyunA later returned to idol life in 2009 as the main rapper for CUBE Entertainment’s girl group 4minute (who have also since disbanded, sad face). As well as 4minute, HyunA debuted as part of Trouble Marker, a duo with ex-Beast/Highlight member Hyunseung.

In addition to 4minute and Trouble Maker, HyunA also has a flourishing solo career. On August 29th 2017, Hyuna released her sixth mini-album ‘Following’ and its title track “Babe” (another major bop btw). After the success of “Babe”, HyunA released “Lip & Hip” on December 4th 2017 (absolutely in love with this song guys…my gosh).

So, that’s 2 groups, 1 duo and a solo career…HyunA do you even have time to breath?? Lol.

Yubin – Out of all 7 girls, Yubin was only one of two members to renew contracts and stay with JYP Entertainment as a solo artist. However, she is yet to release anything…your move JYP.

Sohee – Sohee left both Wonder Girls and JYP Entertainment in 2014. She went on to sign with the management agency, BH Entertainment and then starred in tvN’s romantic comedy series Heart to Heart, playing an aspiring actress. In September 2015, she left BH Entertainment choosing not to renew her contract, and signed with KeyEast – her current management. 2016 saw Sohee star in “Train to Busan”, South Korea’s first zombie film. After that film came out, she featured in “Entourage”, tvN’s remake of the American series.

Recently, Sohee starred in the thriller “Single Rider” alongside Lee ByungHun and Gong HyoJin, receiving praise for her role. You go, girl!

Hyelim – The second of the 2 members to renew their contracts with JYP Entertainment was Hyelim. Again…your move JYP, we’re waiting.

Well, the seven have definitely been busy since their respective departures from Wonder Girls. Although the group is no more, we wish them all the very best for their future projects!

But don’t you worry ladies, Wonder Girls will always have a special place in our hearts!~

– Beckie



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