[What’s K-Popping?]: Weekly Rundown Ep.4

It’s back! Here are the top five stories of the first week of November.It has certainly not been a quiet week, and, of course, there are plenty of stories to report. However, this is a list of what you absolutely need to know about the past week.

1: JBJ’s Noh Tae Hyun Writes Another Apology for Controversial Comment Directed Toward Fans

Due to the criticism surrounding Noh Tae Hyun’s threat to beat up his fans if they turn on him, he has taken it upon himself to write not one, but two apology letters. This has occurred around the same time that JBJ has been preparing for their debut, “Fantasy”. While an apology is certainly acceptable, this does not erase the fact that he literally threatened to harm his fans. It is quite a stupid feat, considering JBJ has not even debuted yet and there is already huge backlash surrounding one of its members. However, we hope that those hurt by Hyun’s comment will take his apology into account.


2: Executive Producer of Ellen Degeneres Show Confirms BTS Appearance

Following the tweet of one local American radio station, “KISS.FM”, requesting for the members of BTS to be on the Ellen Show, Andy Lassner, the executive producer of Ellen, made a tweet vaguely expressing his desire to fulfil the suggestion. Shortly after, one fan tweeted a picture of the tweet, asking for their followers to give insight. In response, Lassner tweeted “it’s gonna happen.” That being said, while it is not completely set in stone, it sounds like BTS has a clear and undeniable shot at being on the most popular talk show in the United States. With this kind of publicity, there is no denying that it will be beneficial to the group.


3: Wanna One Manager Caught Pushing Fans Out Of The Way

While Wanna One is definitely on the rise, this does not allow for the excuse for the behaviour of one of the group’s managers. Below is footage of what appears to be a female manager for Wanna One pushing fans from the group’s path, and even shoving a woman holding what appears to be a baby out of the way. Since the allegations, YMC Entertainment has profusely denied that the manager pushed a woman holding a child out of the way, but many say that the footage is clear evidence.



4: Kim Joo Hyuk Dies in Horrific Car Accident

Kim Joo Hyuk, a beloved actor, died in the past week after his Mercedes-Benz, traveling along Yeongdong Daero, crashed into another car outside of an apartment complex before plowing into the wall of the complex and flipping down the stairs. Hyuk is most famously known for his role in the drama, “2 Days 1 Night”. We offer our deepest sympathy for his family.

5: Mnet Addresses “Vote Rigging” for the 2017 Asian Music Awards

Sometime after the release of the polls for the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Mnet has released a statement claiming “ballot rigging”. Also within this statement, Mnet has mentioned that they have scheduled a “system check-up” to get rid of fake ballots. This is not the first time that fan-votes have been accused of containing fraudulent ballots, as there have been countless events where nominees win awards simply because fans take time to send false votes. It is unfortunate, and we dearly hope that this situation can be resolved soon.

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