YG Survival Show Plus WINNER, BLACKPINK And iKON TV!

YG’s schedule seems quite hectic but that means a lot more for the fans to enjoy.

A representative from YG Entertainment on 20th June stated,

 “PD Han Dong Chul, who has produced programs like ‘Produce 101’ and ‘Show Me The Money,’ will be working with YG Entertainment to create a brand new audition program.”

Yang Hyun Suk, YG Entertainment’s founder will be hands on the production of the new show and it is looking likely that YG artists may appear on the program as judges or mentors.

 “YG Entertainment will search for new talent outside the company to compete in the show alongside the YG trainees. YG Entertainment will produce not only music but all other aspects of the show.” – [A rep states about the upcoming show]

The trainee survival show YG will be producing will be similar to WIN: Who Is Next and Mix and Match which produced groups WINNER and iKON. According to the representative, the show will start with 30 male YG trainees to create a new YG group. It has been reported that K-Pop Star 2 runner-up Bang Ye Dam will be participating in the upcoming program.

If that wasn’t exciting enough it was revealed that YG Entertainment has plans to launch programs for BLACKPINK, iKON and WINNER.


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